Corporate Reorganization & Tax Structuring

Running a business can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to managing your taxes. Legacy Accounting LLP’s tax experts can support your business with our Corporate Reorganization & Tax Structuring services. We work closely with your lawyer to implement the suggested reorganization strategies to meet your commercial objectives.

Our restructuring services divide property for tax purposes (purifying for making use of the Capital Gains Exemption) or legal purposes (matrimonial property division and others). If you need assistance with structuring a corporate group to take advantage of losses within the group, Legacy can help.

We can assist with setting up a holding company for tax planning, creditor protection or other purposes. Corporate restructuring options can also be explored to introduce new shareholders or to access potential income splitting options.


Contact our team if you have any questions about Legacy’s Corporate Reorganization & Tax Structuring services or if your business needs assistance.

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