Payroll Services

Ensure Your Staff Are Paid on Time & Accurately

As your business grows, you must hire more employees, which can result in the need for increased payroll administration. We understand that you want to ensure your employees are properly compensated for their dedicated work, but you may not have the capacity to take on managing your business’s payroll yourself. Legacy Accounting LLP can help to ensure your employees and taxes are paid accurately and on time.

We can help in two ways, whether you need information on how to manage payroll internally or if you would like our assistance in maintaining your payroll.

Our payroll experts can assist with establishing controls to ensure your payroll system is efficient and effective.

We can also provide assistance with regular payroll calculations and the resulting Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) remittances. Legacy can also help prepare and file your team members’ T4 Summary and T4 slips with the CRA.


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